COVID Protocols

It's been a strange year and it is now apparent that our circumstances will remain unchanged through the end of 2020. While I am as eager as everyone else for vaccines to be approved and distributed, we must carry on as best and as safely as we can in the meantime, as this is probably still several months off.


With that said, I'd like to detail the COVID protocols which I am currently employing. It is important that we all know what to expect on those rare occasions when we meet. 

My personal practices:


-I always wear a mask in public

-I maintain social distancing around others in public

-I do not spend time around others who are unmasked

-I do not invite others into my home or spend time with others indoors


In maintaining these rigorous standards I hope to limit the risk of contracting or transmitting coronavirus in the 3-5 local sessions I am accepting per month. In those sessions I:


-Do not wear a mask and do not require you to wear one (but you can request that either one or both of us wears one)

-Allow physical contact but do not currently allow spitting

-Shower prior to sessions & wash hands upon entering the dungeon 

-Leave about a week between sessions to self-monitor

-Contact you to reschedule if I begin showing signs of illness


Black Thorn Dungeon, where I take my sessions, has also increased its cleaning protocols due to COVID. Read more about the precautions they are taking here:


 As a regular or potential client, I know I can count on you to:


-Shower prior to sessions and wash/sanitize hands upon arrival

-Contact me to reschedule if you begin showing signs of illness

-Maintain CDC guidelines as much as possible prior to our session

-Not ask for a visit less than a week after returning from travel out of state


Thank you all for your understanding and for doing your part in containing the pandemic. I believe that human contact is vital to health, and being thoughtful about contact with others is what allows us to maintain our connections safely.

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