COVID Protocols

2021 Update: As of February 22 I am fully vaccinated!

I follow CDC guidelines regarding best practices in public and private spaces.

In my personal life I:


-Always wear a mask in public

-Maintain social distancing around others in public

For sessions I:


-Do not wear a mask and do not require you to wear one (unless requested)

-AIlow physical contact but do not currently engage in spitting

-Shower prior to sessions & wash hands upon entering the dungeon 

-Contact you to reschedule if I begin showing signs of illness


Black Thorn Dungeon, where I take my sessions, has also increased its cleaning protocols due to COVID. Read more about the precautions they are taking here:


 As a regular or new client, I know I can count on you to:


-Shower prior to sessions and wash/sanitize hands upon arrival

-Contact me to reschedule if you begin showing signs of illness

-Maintain CDC guidelines as much as possible prior to our session


Thank you all for your understanding and for doing your part in containing the pandemic. I believe that human contact is vital to health, and being thoughtful about contact with others is what allows us to maintain our connections safely.