• Domina Quinn Livid

My Rules of Conduct

Domina Quinn Livid from San Francisco wearing chain mail bikini
I'm not going to have any trouble from you, am I?

It can be anxiety-producing to meet a Dominatrix and not know exactly how She would like you to behave. While there is a general etiquette for approaching a Dominant woman, I believe that dominance hinges on the willingness to be assertive about one's idiosyncratic needs and desires. Therefore I have decided to create a comprehensive list of preferences that pertain specifically to Me.

1. Use my stated honorific

I frequently field the question, "What should I call you? Mistress, Goddess, Domina?..." To that I ask- how do I refer to Myself? The answer is plastered over my website, social media and content offerings. (Domina is pronounced doe-MEE-nuh, by the way.)

2. Take initiative

Following from my previous point, I expect a submissive to take basic initiative in determining My tastes rather than asking to be spoon-fed easily accessible information. Asking to be pointed in the right direction is fine; expecting Me to have the time and willingness to micro-manage you is not.

3. Do NOT inquire about sexual services

This includes "full service", any type of sexual activity that ends in -job, or sexual contact with any part of My body. While I am comfortable with various degrees of nudity, allow Me to choose if and when I disrobe. Always ask before touching Me even in a friendly manner.

4. Respect My role

I am a kinky Dominant woman, and not an escort, masseuse, or dancer. If you indicate interest in BDSM in your application and then arrive for your session with something else in mind, I will not hesitate to dismiss you. This of course doesn't mean that you aren't free to explore and set limits around activities that you determine aren't a good fit for you; however if you rule out ALL BDSM activities in the course of our playtime, do not expect Me to default to mainstream play. I am truly not interested.

5. Respect My time

This begins during the booking process. I expect a serious submissive to share interests/limits and complete screening, deposit, and confirmation in an efficient manner. If you want to have a lengthy conversation about your kinks, background or anything else not directly related to booking, inquire about paying for a phone call. Please wait until you are confident that you would like to meet and know your upcoming schedule with relative certainty before submitting an application.

It is also important that you arrive for sessions on time -preferably on the dot but no more than 5 minutes early. If you will be unavoidably late, send Me a text with your ETA and understand that the session will still end on schedule. It is sometimes possible to extend a session in the moment with additional tribute, but don't count on Me or the space being available.

6. Be hygienic

Please either arrive recently showered or expect to shower upon arrival. Use an enema as well if this is relevant to your interests. I am not opposed to scented products, including cologne, as long as you are not doused. If you are interested in CBT, especially involving bondage or caging, it is wise to trim pubic hair.

7. Be thoughtful

One way to make yourself stand out as a submissive is to find occasions to demonstrate that you're paying attention and want to contribute to My happiness and success. This means sending a gift on my birthday, bringing a bottle of wine or a snack I like to our session, letting me know when you've enjoyed our time together, etc. There are many creative ways to do this- surprise me!

8. Be cooperative

While I do not expect you to be 100% compliant with everything I say simply because I say it, I DO expect you to take responsibility for your part in the dynamic. Spend some time in self-reflection and do your best to explain what you are hoping for from the session. Then support Me in my dominance by being as obedient as is possible within the realms of your physical and psychological safety. If you know that you want to be forced to obey, let Me know up front and be prepared to use the safe word if you genuinely wish to stop.

9. Be yourself (the best version)

If I've accepted your session application, it's because I want to play with YOU! Let Me know what you're thinking and feeling during the session if I ask. Allow yourself to relax and sink into your submissive headspace. Let your personality emerge so that I can enjoy it. It's much more fulfilling for Me to be in a room with someone who is present and responsive. If you need something specific to help you feel safe (to be blindfolded, to talk at length at the beginning of the session, to go slow, etc), let Me know.

It is important to me that the submissives I interact with take good care of themselves. If you struggle with self-harm, poor self-esteem or traumatic memories, please seek out a good kink-friendly therapist.

10. Keep in touch

If our session goes well (and you'll know if it does), I hope we will meet again! It is a joy to connect with a submissive who is pleasant to be around and whose interests align with mine. Join my email list to be kept abreast of my session and travel schedule, as well as new developments in My life. Contact me through my paid channels to chat between meetings, or subscribe to my fan pages to support and be inspired by my content. If you're interested in deepening our connection, session with Me as often as you can. Just be sure to remember that professional D/s is different than dating, and if all goes well we will form a long and beautiful relationship.