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My Ideal Client

You: Competent. Successful. Maybe a bit uptight and ashamed of your desire to give up your power. Cautious, because you are aware of the potency in an authentic exchange between two people. You are looking for someone to seduce you into letting down your defenses, give into the excitement of the adventure.You are drawn to the force of nature which is the Woman who leads the way. You rely on her sound judgment and discretion so that you can keep hold of all of the things that make your life stable (career, family, reputation) while also indulging in pure hedonistic play.

Me: Far along in my kink journey, I have seen a lot and am shocked by nothing. Do not come to me for a generic experience or one in which the object of your interest is interchangeable; I am not a disembodied pair of feet or a pretty girl to patronize. While there are strong and non-negotiable boundaries around my involvement, when we are together I am fully present and always searching for ways to push past fear and habit. I have spent my entire life training myself for this purpose and am looking for partners who need what I have to give.

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