unique offerings

Psychological Edge Play

I deeply enjoy pushing you toward that which makes you uncomfortable or fearful, including: 





Trauma History

 This type of play can be transformative, deeply satisfying and healing if you practice rigorous self-awareness and honesty. My extensive training in therapeutic technique, including trauma-aware practices, allows me to guide you along the edge of an intense experience while avoiding negative outcomes.

Play is extensively negotiated beforehand, may be adjusted within the scene, and always includes aftercare.

Extended Realistic Roleplay

I create highly controlled environments that feature realistic details, such as:


Reform School

Psychiatric Hold 

Conversion Camp

Prison Experiment

My goal is for you to become immersed in a scenario to the point of experiencing genuine fear, powerlessness, and shame, but also the desire to obey and the opportunity to prove yourself. To accomplish this, I will take away your phone and the privileges of your day-to-day persona, and enforce the deference and respect that I am owed within my role with punishment if necessary. You may discover you find comfort in dependence on a strong authority figure, or at least become aware of the erotic possibilities of strict control.


Role plays are extensively negotiated beforehand. Once this negotiation is complete you may safe word out of the experience as a whole, but you may not pick and choose which elements of the experience you will submit to. 

Role plays may extend up to 24 hours with an overnight stay.